scm insight

Supply Chain Management Insight

Insight Key Features

SCM Insight® is in production at one of the largest telecommunication providers to enable enterprise supply chain visibility by connecting information from over 200 data sources across their suppliers, vendors, and 3rd Party Logistics (3PLs) providers. Every day, the system refreshes over 12 terabytes of information in the cloud. SCM Insight® provides over 250 analytic dashboards used to manage forward and reverse logistics at every level in the organization.

Reduce Manual Processes

Eliminate convoluted processes, such as extracting and combining data sets into complex spreadsheets or flat file formats.

Business Intelligence

Provides a 360-degree view of the operation with enterprise dashboards and analytics.


Leverage the cloud to increased failover, fault tolerance, and uptime.

Strengthen Security and Compliance

Enforce centralized enterprise security and auditing.

Extend the Life of Legacy Systems

Provide access to data without the need to replace antiquated systems.


It is easily enhanced and extended to incorporate new data sets and “on-demand” integration with customers, 3PLs, and partners.

A cloud-based managed service that provides enterprise reliability, performance, and scalability.

SCM Insight® leverages big data and analytics to monitor KPIs and trigger critical alerts.

5 Important Questions

The pandemic exposed many of the hidden weaknesses in supply chains across the world.
Is it time to move away from manual spreadsheets and reports and start managing our ever-growing supply chain with advanced technology?
Do we need a better way to analyze all the relevant data from all the systems in our extended supply chain, including our customers, partners, and 3PLs?
Are we taking full advantage of all actionable intelligence across our end-to-end supply chain?
Can we easily analyze our operational performance and recognize opportunities to become more efficient?
Are we taking full advantage of all actionable intel Do we have sufficient real-time operational alerts established across our end-to-end supply chain that allow us to handle exceptions and disruptions across our end-to-end supply chain?

SC Insight integrates all of your IT assets so that you can see the big picture.

Data Pipeline

SCM Insight tracks all sources of data coming into the enterprise data repository. Data Lineage allows administrators to understand the data origin, transformations, and systemwide usage. Data Lineage contains an itemized list of all the analytics and dashboards where the data is used across the system, providing visibility while greatly simplifying the process of tracing errors back to the root cause.

SCM Insight Brings Together Key Data

MDM is the essential enabling technology for enterprise supply chain visibility.

Flexible Technology Stack (Out-of-the-Box)

Any of these software tools can be replaced with a competing product as long the underlying technical capabilities are comparable.


Integration with any Database Servers

Data Integration: Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Server Integration Services (SSIS)

APIs Integration

Highly flexible framework for API integration

IT Infrastructure

Supports AWS and Azure cloud environments or on-premise Infrastructure

Business Intelligence

Advanced analytics powered dashboards

ML and automation

Drive Data Decisions with AI/ML

IT Infrastructure

SCM Insight in the cloud or on-premise

3rd Party IT Infrastructure

AWS for cloud

Other IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure and other cloud environments.

SCM Insight® 5 Day Challenge

Phoenix offers a FREE SCM Insight® 5 Day Challenge, where we provide strategic consulting on our dime. We document your current environment to develop a roadmap to implement a Control Tower for your enterprise supply chain. The Roadmap will provide a phased approach to stand up the core elements of the Control Tower and develop high-value analytics. We believe that success breeds success – our system is designed to deliver value to the customer as soon as possible. The following is a table of contents for the Control Tower Roadmap resulting from the SCM Insight® 5 Day Challenge.

SCM Insight® 5 Day Challenge Outline:

Let us help you Supercharge Your Supply Chain Visibility!

Let us help you Supercharge Your Supply Chain Visibility!