Smart Functional Tests for Smartphones

Efficient and Reliable Smartphone Testing Application for Precise Device Grading.

TruChk™ is a complete suite for functional testing of smartphones irrespective of the make of the phone. TruChk™ guides the user through an entire test suite in a step-by-step method to arrive at a functional grade, which would aid in determining the value of the phone.
TruChk™ is a versatile and scalable application that brings efficiency and reliability to all reverse logistics dispositions and determines a device’s grade.


TruChk™ offers near-universal compatibility and can perform more than 40 tests on a given device. This wide range of tests ensures the device is functionally checked in and out.

*The actual number of tests would depend upon the make and model of the target device.

TruChk™ offers lightning-fast testing with reliable results. It minimizes testing time and accelerates development cycles for a seamless user experience.

TruChk™ incorporates a feedback mechanism for re-attempting tests. It allows iterative testing to enhance accuracy and optimize test coverage.

Who Should Use This Product?

TruChk™ caters to a wide range of industries and professionals, including:

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